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We provide quality childcare for children 0-6 years of age.

Peanuts Childcare and Education Centre provides quality childcare for children 0-6 years of age. Our qualified, passionate staff believe in celebrating the unique individuality of each tamariki in our care.  We are a child-led centre which enables us to journey alongside every child and their whaanau on their journey of learning in a way that is supportive, flexible and meaningful to each child, affirming them as individuals & forging a life-long passion for learning.

Our Vision

Ko te ahurie o te tamaiti arahia o tatatou mahi   “Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work”    We are passionate about giving every child that walks through our door the best possible start in their magical adventure of learning. We are passionate about giving every child that walks through our door the best possible start in their magical adventure of learning.  

Our Mission

We strive to be the best that we can be, to have pride within, to love to learn, to persist, to be creative, play, problem solve, challenge, inspire, believe in ourselves and each other. Most importantly we want the children to leave Peanuts as caring, capable confident learners.  

Our Cirriculum

Our curriculum is Te Whariki - the National Early Childhood Curriculum.

Why choose Peanuts Childcare & Education Centre?

Alongside our excellent child : teacher ratio we offer age-specific, calm, natural and thoughtfully resourced environments; encouraging tamariki of all ages, abilities, interests and backgrounds to engage in the learning that captures their interests. Our centre is thoughtfully developed on an acre site surrounded by mature trees, a well-producing orchard and a constantly evolving Garden to Table project that allows our tamariki to grow and produce our own fruit & vegetables to feed our Peanuts community.

Peanuts provides 20 hours free ECE care for children three years and over.

All groups have a high teacher to child ratio with close interaction and involvement. This ensures your child is getting the most our of their learning experience. 

WINZ subsidies available.

Our Philosophy

Peanuts is a place where relationships matter, we believe in order to touch a child’s mind first we must reach their heart. We aim to create an environment built on trust, care and respectful relationships, which embrace both children and their whānau. By building lifelong partnerships together, we give children the best opportunity to grow and reach their full potential on their learning journey.
We acknowledge parents as their child’s first and most important teacher in life. We are committed to a bicultural approach to learning and we welcome, value and respect the diversity of all cultures within our centre.  
We value the unique place of Māori as tangata whenua. Our curriculum helps children develop their knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritages of both parties to Te Titiri o Waitangi. We value the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki, which guides and inspires our work with children.  
We notice, recognise and respond to children’s interests as they learn through play in an environment that encourages discovery. The children have plenty of opportunity for free play with a combination of daily rituals such as meal times, group times and teacher guided learning experiences.   
Our goal is to encourage each child’s natural curiosity in learning. In our enchanting, peaceful environment, they are encouraged to investigate, use open-ended resources and loose parts for  
discovery. Children can enjoy social interactions, problem solve, and become increasingly independent at their own pace. We recognise and value the importance of a safe and secure environment which is respectful and empowering for all children to enjoy.   
Our learning setting is full of natural resourses (nature’s wonders) reflective of our beautiful setting. We encourage children to explore papatūānuku by having authentic experiences in nature, playing the role of guardian (kaitiaki) of the land. By becoming the kaitiaki of our land they are connecting with our  
natural world and developing an understanding how to care for it.
We welcome whānau and community to join our learning journey and aim to give back in partnership with one another through our Garden to Table project.  

Ka taea a tatou to tatu ki a tatou tamariki nga pakiaka kia tupu me nga paririrau ke rire.

“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.”

What we 'teach'

When a child steps foot into Peanuts, it isn’t ABC’s & 1,2,3’s that we focus on. Shape’s aren’t the main task & colours are not the priority.  Those things will come, we assure you.  They always do.  They just don’t trump the many other necessary aspects of learning that children need to do. 
When we teach, we teach the whole child.  Not just their brain.  We teach them to live, to love, to grow.
Our room is not centred around direct instruction.  Instead it involves interaction with other children, the opportunity to process information, exercise decision-making skills without adult intervention and so much more. We encourage children to be confident so they can speak up and act for themselves.
We teach children about turn-taking with toys, so that they may practice generosity.
We encourage parents to say goodbye so that children come to understand that sometimes love means letting go. We encourage children to care so that they can offer a hug to a hurting friend.
We offer children choices to show them that what they are interested in matters. We provide children with open-ended experiences so that they can create, imagine, explore and discover. We provide children with items that can spill or break so that they can practice life-skills. We provide children with items that are fragile so they can practice being gentle. We provide children with time when they disagree with one another so that they have a chance to work it out. We provide children with unhurried moments so that they develop persistence in whatever they are doing.
We allow children to be angry, frustrated or upset so they learn that experiencing a range of emotions is normal & healthy.
We teach children that mistakes are allowed because that is how we grow.
We encourage children to hope because sometimes we need it to see the other side of the rainbow.

Te Ruma Ruru

Age 0-2 / 2.5 years

Named for our guardian resident Ruru (morepork) Molly, Te Ruma Ruru caters for our infants and toddlers in a calm, unhurried environment designed to evoke the comforting feeling of home.  The thoughtfully resourced and staffed environment reflects the belief that our infants and toddlers deserve the very best start in life.  Teaching practice in the Ruru Room is heavily influenced by the RIE/Pikler philosophy.  Here your infant or toddler will be supported and cared for in an unhurried, calm and respectful manner that follows their individual routines, preferences and rhythms.

A huge feature of our infant space is that we have arguably the largest Under Two outdoor space in the Waikato. Spacious flower and vegetable gardens and mature trees allow for endless engagement for the active explorer, setting the scene of a magical learning space where new discoveries are made each day.

Another special feature is the resident Tui, Dove and Keruru birds that have created home in our trees above. Our tamariki have lovingly named these bird friends and enjoy feeding and calling them in each day. 

Te Ruma Tui / Kea

Age 2 - 6

The environment in Te Ruma Tui/Kea is designed to facilitate choice, challenge, wonderment, self-direction and inspire tamariki to follow their interests.

Depending on the age needs of our roll, we will operate two programs that engage our younger toddler tamariki (Kea Room 2-3 years), and a older children (Tui Room 3-6 years). Our kaiako in the Tui/Kea Room guide a program which is child-led, individually planned around each child's interests in a thoughtfully resourced environment to cater for a wide variety of interests, ages and preferences.  School readiness and key competencies (social skills, pre-literacy and pre-maths etc) are interwoven throughout the daily routines of Te Ruma Tui in an organic manner, setting a culture of responsibility, kindness, respect and integrity.

We actively explore in our outdoor Nature Kindy, utilizing our acre site and exploring the wonders that papatuanuku produces. We aim to extend our physical skills by testing our bodies climbing trees and engaging in group learning moments. Our outdoor environment is vast, and we enjoy having no fixed playground, allowing for children to become creative at building their own structures, setting their own challenges and doing so in a social capacity amongst peers.

We pride ourselves on delivering a curriculum that is focused on authentic relationships between tamariki, kaiako and whanau. 

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We are open Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

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