What we 'teach'

When a child steps foot into Peanuts, it isn’t ABC’s & 1,2,3’s that we focus on. Shape’s aren’t the main task & colours are not the priority.  Those things will come, we assure you.  They always do.  They just don’t trump the many other necessary aspects of learning that children need to do. 

When we teach, we teach the whole child.  Not just their brain.  We teach them to live, to love, to grow.

Our room is not centred around direct instruction.  Instead it involves interaction with other children, the opportunity to process information, exercise decision-making skills without adult intervention and so much more.

We encourage children to be confident so they can speak up and act for themselves.

We teach children about turn-taking with toys, so that they may practice generosity.

We encourage parents to say goodbye so that children come to understand that sometimes love means letting go.

We encourage children to care so that they can offer a hug to a hurting friend.

We offer children choices to show them that what they are interested in


We provide children with open-ended experiences so that they can create,

imagine, explore and discover.

We provide children with items that can spill or break so that they can practice


We provide children with items that are fragile so they can practice being


We provide children with time when they disagree with one another so that

they have a chance to work it out.

We provide children with unhurried moments so that they develop persistence

in whatever they are doing.

We allow children to be angry, frustrated or upset so they learn that experiencing a range of emotions is normal & healthy.

We teach children that mistakes are allowed because that is how we grow.

We encourage children to hope because sometimes we need it to see the otherside of the rainbow.