Te Ruma Tui/Kea

Age 2-6

The environment in Te Ruma Tui/Kea is designed to facilitate choice, challenge, wonderment, self-direction and inspire tamariki to follow their interests.

Depending on the age needs of our roll, we will operate two programs that engage our younger toddler tamariki (Kea Room 2-3 years), and a older children (Tui Room 3-6 years). Our kaiako in the Tui/Kea Room guide a program which is child-led, individually planned around each child's interests in a thoughtfully resourced environment to cater for a wide variety of interests, ages and preferences.  School readiness and key competencies (social skills, pre-literacy and pre-maths etc) are interwoven throughout the daily routines of Te Ruma Tui in an organic manner, setting a culture of responsibility, kindness, respect and integrity.

We actively explore in our outdoor Nature Kindy, utilizing our acre site and exploring the wonders that papatuanuku produces. We aim to extend our physical skills by testing our bodies climbing trees and engaging in group learning moments. Our outdoor environment is vast, and we enjoy having no fixed playground, allowing for children to become creative at building their own structures, setting their own challenges and doing so in a social capacity amongst peers.

We pride ourselves on delivering a curriculum that is focused on authentic relationships between tamariki, kaiako and whanau.